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Juicers: How to Buy the Best Juicer.

Juicing vegetables and fruits is largely considered a healthy habit. Taking a glass of fresh juice that you have made it yourself can be refreshing and tasty. Every juicer will be able to make juice from every fruit, however a masticating model is recommended for leafy vegetables. However, not many people like juicing because it requires a lot of preparation and cleaning up afterwards. The cost of vegetables and fruits can sometimes be expensive, and some like to make the juice cooler by blending with ice. This means that a lot is required when it comes to cleaning up afterwards. Here are some juicer reviews on juicers which are the easiest to clean.

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are available in many stores and they generally make juicing fast yet noisy. They have been designed using sharp toothed blades which spin rapidly separating the juice from the pulp. Most of them have speeds for soft and hard vegetables and fruits. However, getting yourself the most expensive models means that you are going to get a better quality commercial grade motor. This is a more durable model because it is made of metal rather than plastic parts. If you like juicing wheatgrass or green vegetables, buy a centrifugal juicer.


  • · Easy and fast to use
  • · Quick to clean
  • · Lower prices


  • · Slightly noisy
  • · The heat produced can make your juice warmer

Masticating Juicers

Masticating Juicer is more expensive because it has been designed in a way that more nutrients are going to be retained. The main difference with this masticating juicer and other juicers in the market is the way the ingredients are processed. Masticating juicers use slow rotating gears to crush fruits and vegetables. This is the best juicer to buy if you are a keen juice drinker who wants a healthy lifestyle or who loves wheatgrass. Masticating juicer also comes with other added advantages such as the ability to make pasta or riding coffee beans.


  • · It blends the best quality juice
  • · Ability to store juice for more than 2 days with minimal loss of nutrient and appearance
  • · Less noise


  • · It’s quite expensive than other juicers
  • · It takes time to produce juice
  • · Not suitable when juicing pineapple

Warranties and Guarantees

The above two models of juicers come with warranties. If you are the type of people who juice every day, the cheaper juicers may not last more than a couple of years.